Wall Coatings

  • Pro-Flex Ultimate - Crack accommodating water based smooth coating

    Pro-Flex Ultimate is especially useful where there is a probability of subsequent cracks appearing in the substrate, or cyclic crack movement. Pro-Flex Ultimate exhibits excellent breathability.

    Pro-Flex Ultimate is a smooth product and is available in sixteen standard colours. Special colour matching is also a service offered.


    • Improved Breathability – Classified as ‘Highly Breathable’ when tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7783 Part 2.
    • Improved Water resistance – Classified as ‘Highly Water resistant’ when tested in accordance with DIN EN 1062-3
    • Excellent Dirt resistance – The addition of silicone resin and silane to Pro-flex considerably improves resistance to dirt pickup.
    • Elastomeric and Crack Accommodating Protection
    • Laboratory tests carried out by CHT Bezema Test Facilities, operating in accordance with, and approved by, DAKKS and ISO 9001.  

    Technical Support

    Andura provides a support package to engineers, architects, specifiers, end-users and contractors as well as training and on-site assistance.

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