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A step-by-step guid to applying wall coatings

Andura registered contractors will advise on the correct procedure to apply the appropriate Andura coating system required to protect your individual property, however, the principle is as follows:

  • Inspect the walls to be coated.

Simply see what needs to be done and consider any preparation work that may need doing to be able to successfully coat the walls. (As an example in some situations, a mixture of sand/cement & SBR may be required to prep the walls).


  • Clean down the walls to be coated.

All dirt and any moss, algae loose paint or loose render should be removed.

A man cleaning the exterior walls and ground work before apply the necessary wall coatings.
Man cleaning/ drenching paving and exterior building with biocide before removing the moss and algae.


  • Make any repairs to the walls to be coated.

Any cracks or imperfections should be repaired to give a stable flat surface. Repairs will normally require masonry primer once cured and dry.


  • Apply biocide to the walls to be coated.

The biocide will kill off any live spores present within the masonry. This should be done in addition to cleaning the walls this will penetrate the masonry and should be done once the wall has dried from any cleaning. The biocide is left to dry and is not washed off.


  • Wait for the walls to be dry.

Avoid sealing water into the walls, although Andura coatings are breathable and will allow water vapour to evaporate through the coating it will not allow high volumes of water to escape.


  • Wait for good spraying weather.

A nice dry warm day would be perfect however our uncertain climate will probably offer little in the way of perfect conditions.


  • Mask up doors and windows etc and place dust sheets accordingly.

This part speaks for itself self if you don’t want it coating cover it up!


  • Coat the walls.

Smooth coatings are generally two-coat applications using a brush or roller or Airless sprayer that will support a tip size of around 25 thou.


Image depicting a man using an air-assisted airless sprayer to apply a coating.
Spraying onto a wall using an air-assisted airless sprayer.

If AnduraTex is being applied, then Andura masonry primer is applied first followed by the top textured coating in the chosen colour and texture. An air-assisted airless sprayer and air compressor is required to apply AnduraTex. Not all Andura registered contractors are equipped for this, however, we will be happy to put you in touch with a contractor who is.

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