Bristol House Transformed with Andura Exterior Coating


After many years of improvements at her home in Fishponds, Bristol, Nina Bressington decided to tidy up the outside appearance of her property.

As an ex-local authority house, like many others it had a red brick exterior which she wanted to update and so went for a more distinctive finish with an overall colour that would last, choosing an Andura coating to do this.

Nina commented, “I had a friend who had a similar Andura coating done to their house which had lasted extremely well, compared with a neighbour’s house which had been just painted, and was already flaking after a couple of years.”

Having considered other providers, Nina chose the professionalism of Andy Gazzard at Protective Wall Coatings, Thornbury who are a Registered Andura Contractor. The biggest attraction for Nina was the durability of the Andura coating, the no maintenance required, and the 20 year guarantee given by Protective Wall Coatings.       

For the 100 sq. metres of walls on the property, Protective Wall Coatings used a metric tonne of GRC base coat and some 280 litres of Andura Trowel & Roll topcoat to achieve the final high performance finish.

Andura’s Trowel & Roll coating gives an attractive textured appearance and has been specifically formulated for the protection and decoration of brick, cement renders and many other masonry surfaces. It provides a hard wearing, long lasting and beautiful finish to keep exterior walls in top condition. Andura Trowel & Roll coating comes in 16 standard colours, plus a colour matching service is available. It is a solvent-borne high performance acrylic coating conforming to Building Regulations. Andura is accredited to IS0 9001:2015 quality management standards.

Andura provides a technical support package to contractors and specifiers as well as training and on-site assistance.

Further information on Andura protective and decorative coatings is available from Andura on 01869 240374 by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at             

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