Security Coatings

  • Anti-Climb

    Non-drying, semi-solid coating providing a deterrent to intruders Andura Anti-Climb has been specifically formulated for the application to horizontal and vertical building surfaces and thereby restricting and deterring entry by opportunist intruders.

    Anti-Climb has a slippery consistency making grip very difficult. The material contains fluorescent pigments, detectable under UV light.

    When applied to poles, pipes, roofs, ledges and fences it can be clearly identified and thereby deterring entry to schools, factories, sports grounds, offices and compounds.

    It is recommended that the bottom two metres of drainpipes etc are not coated in case of accidental contact. The placement of a warning sign is also recommended.


    • A slippery material which prevents grip to building surfaces.
    • Highly thixotropic for application to vertical and horizontal surfaces.
    • Fluorescent pigments enable Law Enforcement Agencies to link suspects and clothing to the scene of the crime.

    Technical Support

    Andura provides a support package to engineers, architects, specifiers, end-users and contractors as well as training and on site assistance.

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