Classic Slush

A finely textured primer that can be applied all year round and uses with exterior wall coatings

Classic Slush

A finely textured acrylic primer for rough and uneven masonry surfaces. Principally used with Classic 21, Classic Slush is a solvent based primer that improves the adhesion of the top coating to the brick or rendered substrate, whether previously painted or not. It also adds an extra layer of protection to the finished surface.

Key Benefits

Increased Adhesion

Prevents Saponification of Alkyd Resin Coatings

Provides a Stable Surface with Uniform Porosity, Ready for an Andura Coating


Brush or roller

Suitable Substrates

Brick or rendered walls. Whether bare or previously painted


20L tin will cover approx. 50m2 of masonry (This is based on 2 coats being applied)

Coats Required

1 as standard, 2 when covering new cement based renders

Pack Sizes

20L tins only


Fine texture

Minimum temperature for application

0 degrees C

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