The Andura Titanium Guarantee

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Perfect colour

If you are not completely satisfied that the colour is a perfect match, we’ll re-match it and replace the paint for FREE.

Great coverage

If you don’t get the excellent coverage rate stated, we’ll replace the paint for FREE.

Dry within 60 minutes

If the paint is not touch dry and ready for re-coating in 60 minutes, we’ll replace the paint for FREE.

Terms & conditions:

  1. The Andura Guarantee entitles a customer who has purchased Andura Titanium paint (1L and larger packs only), who believes that this product has not delivered any one of the following guarantees, to a free replacement of the product:

1.1   The colour is a perfect match to the colour standard supplied and / or ordered

1.2   The coverage as stated on the product tins, website or other marketing material

1.3   The paint is touch dry in 60 minutes or less, based on an average room temperature of 21oC.

  1. The Andura Guarantee is available to individuals aged 16 and above that are resident in the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). Resellers and retailers may not submit claims on behalf of their customers.
  2. The Andura Guarantee covers the replacement of only the Andura Titanium Paint Product (Claimed Product) that the customer believes has not delivered any one of the 3 Product Guarantees listed in Clause 1 and excludes any claim for labour or other costs in respect of the original or replacement product.
  3. Claims can only be made by the person that purchased the Claimed Product.
  4. The Claimed Product must have been applied on properly prepared surfaces and in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical data sheet.
  5. Claims must be submitted by contacting Andura via email to no later than 6 months after the purchase of the selected product and within 1 month of the product being applied.

6.1   You will be required to:

6.1.1   Provide a clear copy of your itemised receipt or invoice showing the details of the Claimed Product that you have purchased, the date of the purchase and the price paid for the Claimed Product;

6.1.2   Provide a description of the issue with the colour, the coverage stated or the drying time of the Claimed Product;

6.1.3   Provide the postcode of the address at which the Claimed Product has been applied;

6.1.4   Provide a photograph of the wall(s) or surface(s) painted with the Claimed Product;

6.1.5   Provide the batch number that is printed on the can.

  1. Provided that the Claimed Product has been applied on properly prepared surfaces and in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical data sheet the claim will be deemed valid if the description of the issue and application photo demonstrate that the Claimed Product is not the perfect colour, has not become touch dry in 60 minutes or less and / or has not provided the coverage stated on the pack.
  2. We may send a representative to assess the painted area in question to verify that the claim is based on a bona fide purchase of a Claimed Product and to ensure that the Claimed Product and its application meets the conditions required for the Andura Guarantee to apply.
  3. Upon validation of a claim, the replacement product will be sent to you within 28 days. Replacement products are subject to availability. Replacements can only be sent directly from the manufacturer.
  4. For a claim related to colour the Andura Guarantee will not apply to the replacement colour. 
  5. Replacement product for claims are limited to 10L per claim and per customer claiming.
  6. We reserve the right to reject claim if we have reason to believe that they are fraudulent or that there has been a violation of any of these Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”).
  7. We accept no responsibility for claims that are incomplete, illegible, damaged or lost. Proof of submission of a claim is not proof of receipt.
  8. It is not necessary for customers to return the unsatisfactory product (unless we specifically request it in which case we shall arrange and pay for carriage). Returns will not be accepted. Disposal of any product is the responsibility of the customer.
  9. No third party or joint submissions will be accepted.
  10. The Andura Guarantee does not cover problems that were caused due to reasons outside of our control (for an example an issue with the substrate) or where the Claimed Product was applied on surfaces which were not properly prepared or applied, other than in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical data sheet.
  11. Claims not made in accordance with these T&Cs will be deemed invalid. If a claim is refused because the terms of the Andura Guarantee have not been met, Andura’s decision is final.
  12. If any provision in these Terms and Conditions ("T&Cs") is found in any court or competent authority to be invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed not to be part of the T&Cs and it shall not affect the enforceability of the rest of the provisions of the T&Cs.
  13. We reserve the right to withdraw, amend or terminate the Andura Guarantee without notice. All claims made in accordance with these T&Cs and made prior to the Andura Guarantee being withdrawn, amended or terminated will still be honoured.
  14. Andura shall not be liable for any:

20.1    Conditions, warranties or other terms which are not included in the Andura Guarantee or these T&Cs; or

20.2    Any indirect or consequential loss, damage or costs incurred by any customer in connection with the Selected Product or this Andura Guarantee, or the cost of any labour for the application of the Selected Product.

20.3    These exclusions do not exclude or restrict liability for death or personal injury resulting from the negligence of Andura, or its employees or agents or anything else that the law says we cannot exclude.

The Andura Guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

Data will be held in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Please retain these T&Cs for future reference.

This Andura Guarantee is governed by the laws of England and Wales and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

In these terms and conditions “We” and “Andura” mean DGH Manufacturing LTD T/A Andura

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