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    Andura Biocide

    A highly effective biocide for the sterilisation and neutralisation of all biological contamination such as fungal and algal growth on masonry surfaces.

    This product is registered with the Health & Safety Executive in accordance with U.K. Pesticides Regulations. Registration No. 4895.

    Classic Primer

    A smooth, solvent based, alkali resistant, acrylic primer for use on masonry surfaces. Principally used with Classic 21 and Pro-Flex.

    Classic Slush

    A finely textured acrylic primer for rough and uneven masonry surface. Principally used with Classic 21.

    TMC Primer

    A smooth, solvent based primer specifically designed for use in conjunction with Andura TMC Trowel and Roll.

    Technical support

    Andura provides a support package to engineers, architects, specifiers, end-users and contractors as well as training and on-site assistance.

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