Floor Coatings

  • Andurathane

    Andurathane is a high performance clear sealer.

    Andurathane is a high performance, non-decorative, sealer coating based on a single component moisture curing polyurethane resin formulated to provide long-term protection for the following surfaces:

    • Concrete floors
    • Garage floors
    • Agricultural concrete silage clamps
    • Aircraft hangars


    • Solids w/w (Andurathane 40) 40%
    • Sward Hardness 36
    • Abrasion Resistance (Taber) Wheel
    • CS17 / 1000g load / 1000 rev – weight loss 199 mg

    Andura provides a support package to engineers, architects, specifiers, end-users and contractors as well as training and on site assistance.

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