Masking & Protection

A range of products to mask and protect windows, doors and surfaces during product application

Masking & Protection Products

Masking and protection is crucial when it comes to the application of exterior coatings, and for this reason we offer a full range of masking tape, masking paper and dustsheets.

Masking Paper (Brown)

12'' x 312 yrds - 30.48cm x 285m
18'' x 312 yrds - 45.72cm x 285m
3ft x 219 yrds - 91.44cm x 200m

Masking tape (Vibac & Tesa)

1'' x 55 yrds - 2.54cm x 50.29m
2'' x 55 yrds - 5.08cm x 50.29m
3'' x 55 yrds - 7.62cm x 50.29m

Brown Dust Sheets

10' 2" x 7' 10.5" - 3.1m x 2.4m

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