GRC Render

GRC Render
A flexible, impact resistant and water repellent pre-mixed render

GRC Render

GRC render (Glassfibre Re-enforced Cement) is a pre-mixed ready to use material, with the addition of clean water the only requirement. It's polymer modified, glass fibre reinforced formulation is designed to cope with difficult substrates and has excellent adhesion properties. The polymer used is alkali reactive and forms a water repellent barrier that reduces water permeability. As well as excellent bonding to sound substrates and resistance to water penetration, GRC render has extremely high flexural strength and tensile strength to give durability of the highest order, and high impact resistance without cracking. All of which means GRC Render gives a surface total protection against the ever-changing environment and provides an excellent base for an Andura coating.

Key Benefits

Long Term Protection

High Adhesion

Highly Polymer Modified

Water Repellent


High Tensile Strength

Pack Size

25kg Bag

Application Tool

Sponge Float or Brush

Suitable Substrates

Concrete, Clay, Lightweight Block, Brick, Dash and Roughcast Render


Approximately 1.5m2 per bag @ 10mm thick

Water Demand

Approx. 4.5 litres per 25kg bag

Read To Finish

2 - 8 hours @ 3°C - 25°C

Application Temperature

3˚C - 25˚C @ Humidity less than 95%

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