Bitumen Paint

Bitumen paint
A general purpose Bitumen paint

Bitumen Paint

Andura Black Bitumen Paint is a general-purpose bitumen paint suitable for brush application. It can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces including iron and steel, metal fabrications, castings, fibre reinforced cement, concrete and similar surfaces, to provide a weather-proof and corrosion resistant coating.

Key Benefits



Chemical and Corrosion Resistant

Quick Drying

Good Adhesive Properties


Recommended Uses

Suitable for application to a wide variety of materials including iron and steel, lead, zinc, aluminium, asbestos, cement, concrete, stone, wood, felt and brick. It is mainly used for, metal protection, corrugated iron sheets, fire escapes, stairways, ladders, storage tanks, gutters, down pipes, fences, railings, gates etc. It is also used as a protective coating for concrete structures, stone, brick, concrete screeds and sand/cement surfaces.

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