Andura Biocide

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A highly effective biocide for use on all exterior building surfaces that can be applied all year round

Andura Biocide

Before any coating is applied to the exterior of a building it is important it is clean,dry and free from mould and other contamination. Andura Biocide is an extremely effective biocide for the sterilisation and neutralisation of all biological contamination, such as fungal and algal growth on masonry, concrete, stone and rendered surfaces and roof tiles. This product is registered with the Health & Safety Executive in accordance with U.K. Pesticides Regulations. Registration No. 4895.

Key Benefits

Helps Neutralise All Traces Of:






Masonry brush or low pressure spray

Suitable Substrates

Roof tiles, stone, brick or rendered walls. Whether bare or previously painted


0.20 – 0.35 litres per square metre

Coats Required

1 as standard, 2 when covering new cement based renders

Pack Sizes

5 and 25 litre polybottles


Fine texture

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