Situated in the Gower, an area of outstanding natural beauty in South Wales, sits the newly transformed home of Mrs Harry.

Having been exposed to long term weathering for a number of years, both the masonry and roof of Mrs Harry’s home was in need of protection.

Broken tiles, cement failures on the ridges and valleys, plus cracked and blown render all needed to be addressed.

So, after seeing some of the quality work completed by Evercoat Home Improvements in the local area Mrs Harry decided to get in touch.

With a 180m2 roof and 140m2 of masonry to repair and protect, the Evercoat had their work cut out.

Over a 10 day period the team cleaned and applied biocide to the whole property, they the replaced all broken tiles, repaired the ridges and valleys, removed all blown render, made all necessary repairs and finally applied a sand and cement bagging coat to all the masonry.

Only now was the property ready to be coated.

The roof received two coats of Andura Roofgard in terracotta, and the walls where primed and then given two coats of Andura Pro-Flex Ultimate in Spring Jasmine.

Mrs Harry was blown away with the transformation and delighted in the fact that her property is now protected from the elements.

Evercoat home improvements have also given Mrs Harry a 15 year guarantee on the workmanship, which is backed up by a 15 year product guarantee from Andura.

Andura Roofgard has been independently tested by the Paint Research Association (PRA) who after using the latest in accelerated weather testing concluded that Andura’ highly durable Roofgard will protect against moss, lichen, acid rain and will remain stable in colour for at least 10 years. 

Andura’s Pro-Flex technology provides excellent long-term protection and decoration for buildings. The elastomeric properties of Pro-Flex technology give excellent resistance to subsequent cracks in the substrate. Using the very latest advances in coatings technology, Andura has now developed Pro-Flex Ultimate which is specially formulated to combine all the benefits of Pro-Flex technology with improved breathability, water and dirt resistance for a harder wearing, longer lasting and beautiful finish to keep exterior walls in top condition. Pro-Flex is classified as ‘highly breathable’ and ‘highly water resistant’ as tested in accordance with German (DIN), European (EN) and International (ISO) standards. The addition of silicon resin and silane to Pro-Flex considerably improves resistance to dirt pick-up.

Further information on Pro-Flex coatings and Roofgard is available from Andura on 01869 240374 by emailing info@andura.co.uk or by visiting the company’s website at www.andura.com

Evercoat Home Improvements are part of the Andura Registered Contractor scheme, and so authorised to apply all Andura products. For more information on Evercoat Home Improvements call 07832 997902 / 07782193188, email: evercoathomeimprovements@gmail.com or visit their website at www.evercoathomeimprovements.co.uk