DIY SOS Weston-Super-Mare, Watch on BBC1 at 8pm, Thursday 3rd December 2020


When Nick Knowles and the purple shirts from DIY SOS Big Build ask for your help, you jump at the chance.

So, in March 2019, when we got the call, everyone here at Anura pulled together to produce over 50 tins of paint tinted into 16 bespoke colours, totalling nearly 200 litres, in record breaking time.

Rumour has it even the office staff got paint on their hands helping!

In true DIY SOS fashion, we finished tinting and wrapping the pallet about 30 seconds before the deadline and got it on the lorry for arrival in Weston-Super-Mare the next morning.


Above - Part of the near 200 litre order needed for the project. Nearly all of which was tinted to bespoke colours


All was well. Panic over.

Until 24 hours later when we receive the following call:

‘Hi, it’s ****** from DIY SOS, the interior designer has had a new idea and we need some more paint ASAP, can you help?’

An hour later the car is packed, and Jon, our Sales Manager, is on his way to Weston-Super-Mare to deliver the paint…and have an ice cream.

Above – A boot full of emergency paint that needed to be delivered same day


On site the atmosphere was buzzing. Hundreds of volunteers running about and working around the clock.


On site at Weston-Super-Mare


On the day of the unveiling all the volunteers were asked to gather around the corner so the family could be shown the transformation in private.

There was a fantastic feeling amongst the volunteers knowing what had been accomplished and the difference it was going to make to the family.



About the family:

The Sweet Family in Weston-Super-Mare are happy and truly inspirational in their close-knit community. Louisa (14) Max (11) and Harry (6) were born healthy and family life was good until Harry was diagnosed with a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos syndrome.

Harry is a wonderful child but is significantly hypermobile and suffers terrible pain in his joints, unsettled sleep and chronic constipation as part of his condition. Harry is being assessed for Autism although he is a very chatty little boy.

The family have been struggling with Harry’s health issues for the last 3 years, then in 2017, after genetic testing, Louisa then 12 and Max then 9, were diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia, a rare and neurodegenerative life limiting Neuromuscular condition, for which there is currently no treatment or cure. It will see them as permanent full-time wheelchair users in their teens. It can also affect their speech, fine motor skills and vision amongst other things. They also have enlarged hearts, spinal scoliosis and suffer fatigue as part of their condition but like Harry, they are children to be truly admired. Amazingly, Max, who is also being assessed for autism, has stated if he dies he wants to donate his organs to save other children, but his mother Cat (33) just can’t face filling in the form.

Cat can no longer lift the children in and out of the shower/bath or carry them up the stairs. Louisa and Max only manage the stairs by carefully and painfully crawling on all fours, which takes considerable time and effort. Both of the boys are already part time wheelchair users with Max and Lou to be permanently wheelchair bound, which means their tiny home will soon have to accommodate three wheelchairs.

All three children now struggle with basic normal life at home, unable to undertake simple tasks without help and with Louisa rapidly losing her teenage independence instead of gaining it, despite the immense love and care from their inspirational parents Cat and Chris (41, car mechanic) and so that’s why DIY SOS and the local kind volunteers are stepping up to help this truly deserving family.


After Nick Knowles had shown the family around, the message came over the radio for everyone to walk around and meet the family

The DIY SOS team in Weston last year. Picture: Mark Atherton - Credit: Archant

The family was then introduced the volunteers, and more than a few tears were shed.


Doing our little bit for this family and the DIY SOS project was an absolute privilege. We would recommend to anyone who can help to apply.

You won’t regret it!

Jon Mears our Sales and Marketing manager with the purple shirts and lead designer


About the products used:

The Andura Titanium range of high opacity, pure acrylic paints comprises Matt 3, a tough, fully washable, dead matt finish for interior walls and ceilings, together with three superior performance multi-surface finishes: Durable Matt 7, Satin 20, Gloss 80 and an All Purpose Primer.

For added protection for all surfaces the Titanium range also includes two Anti-microbial performance paints: Anti-microbial Durable Matt 7 and Anti-microbial Satin 20.

Titanium - everything you need to get the job done right.


To learn more about the Titanium range of paints click here

To apply for DIY SOS – Visit their website here