How to become an Andura Registered Contractor

Due to the specialist nature of many of the Andura products, they are not available direct to the public and are supplied to Andura registered contractors.

Registered Contractor Code of Conduct

  • To deal with fairness, honesty and integrity at all times with the general public
  • To carry out all installations to the highest possible standard in accordance with Andura’s documented specifications, procedures and guidelines
  • To fully comply with all Health & Safety Regulations that pertain to your business and to fully comply with all relevant Environmental Regulations, including the correct disposal of waste such as empty containers and surplus coating materials
  • To deal promptly and fairly with all customer service issues
  • Registered Contractor – The scope and limitations of Andura’s responsibilities

Andura monitors the performance of its registered contractors on an ongoing basis. Feedback from the customers of our registered contractors is an important information source. Any reported issues of concern regarding Andura’s registered contractors are investigated. Andura will always engage with such issues in a positive manner and work to assist resolutions.

Andura does not issue installation guarantees. Any guarantee offered by contractors is from the contractor alone. Andura cannot accept any contractual liabilities for the failure of its registered contractors to fulfil their legal obligations.

In the event that an Andura registered contractor is found to be not following Andura’s Code of Conduct, suspension of registration will be considered. Andura reserve the right to remove contractors from our registration scheme if they are consistently and/or repeatedly failing to follow Andura’s Code of Conduct.

To become an Andura Registered Contractor, contact Andura to find out more.