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About us | Andura

The Andura brand was originally established in 1985. Today, Andura manufactures a wide range of products for the protection and decoration of building surfaces. Supplying the UK and throughout Europe with long life specialist applied coatings, Andura has an excellent track record in large commercial projects and home improvements.

Andura's Roofgard Coating has been Independently tested by the Paint Research Association (PRA). The results show that Roofgard is exceptionally durable and performs well with good colour stability for more than 10 years. Andura's Classic 21 wall coating holds the prestigious BBA approval. This was re-affirmed by BBA with a newly issued certificate in 2017.

Andura is a British Standards Registered Firm and manufactures products under the EN BS ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Due to the specialist nature of many of the Andura home improvement products, they are not available direct to the public and are supplied to Andura registered contractors, who have shown a commitment to quality workmanship and good customer service.

Andura products are also available to nominated contractors for commercial, local authority and housing association specified projects.