Over the past 4 years, 84-year-old retired florist Mrs Duell, has turned to John Kerry for all her painting and decorating needs. In that time, John has undertaken many projects and decorated the entirety of her beautiful farmhouse. 
Mrs Duell’s latest project was to freshen up her timber framed conservatory and of course it was John Kerry who she turned to.

To ensure a flawless finish, John elected to spray the timber beams on this conservatory rather than hand rolling / brushing. This brought its own difficulties for him to overcome. 
One of the main issues, was that even on a day with good cloud coverage, the conservatory would heat up to over 30 degrees, meaning that even using the best quality tape available, re-masking was almost unavoidable. 
John’s preparation had to be perfect to ensure a fantastic finish, he sanded with 120 & 240 abernet on Mirka deos and used tesa blue, indasa red and sp80 tape. Before applying the Andura Titanium paint using his Graco 395 with a hopper set up, 4m hose and 208 tip. 

After completing the conservatory Mrs Duell was so delighted with the finish, she also asked John to paint some of her furniture and even the sculptures in her garden.

The Andura paint was tinted to RAL 6021 for the conservatory and sculptures and BS 24E53 & BS16C37 for the furniture.

The pure acrylic Andura Titanium range of interior paints are available in an almost unlimited range of colours and 4 beautiful finishes: Matt, Low Sheen, Satin & Gloss.

The Titanium range is designed with professional decorators in mind. The range offers, fast recoat times, superior coverage rates due to a strong opacity and excellent durability. This means you save time, use less product and can offer long term protection. 

For more details on the Andura Titanium range, visit www.andura.com or email info@andura.co.uk

Based in Stockton-on-Tees, John Kerry can be contacted via email on jkerry79@yahoo.co.uk ,by phone on 07769677694 or via his website www.john-kerry.co.uk