In a beautiful private estate near Windsor, sits this large country home. After deciding they wanted to renovate the property, the owners knew they would need an experienced and professional team. With the area of the job being approximately 500m2 and access to certain areas being far from straight forward, the owners chose to contact Premier Wall and Roof Coatings. 

Robin Masters, director at Premier Wall & Roof commented ‘’Accessing the higher points of this property was always going to be a challenge with this project. Our crew members are IPAF approved, so we decided the best way to access this property was using a mobile access machines’’

The project was completed across 2 weeks, at first the walls had to be thoroughly cleaned down using a high-pressure power washer, before receiving a biocide wash followed by a cement bagging coat to smooth out imperfections in the brick. Finally, a coating of primer was sprayed onto the wall which was then finished off with two coats of Classic Smooth.

The homeowners decided to use Andura’s bespoke colour matching service and an off-white colour was chosen in Classic Smooth. Robin and his team also took the time to protect the sills and plinths with Andura Pro-Clear Ultimate. 

Andura Classic Smooth is a high performance, breathable solvent borne coating for protecting exterior masonry and concrete. Classic Smooth has been formulated for application in weather conditions where the use of water borne products may be problematic, e.g. showery weather and low drying temperatures.

Premier Wall and Roof Coatings are part of the Andura Registered Contractor scheme and so authorised to apply all Andura products. For more information on Premier Wall and Roof Coatings, you can visit their website:  Or call: 0800 8402430