When a young couple from the small town of Tredegar in South Wales bought the family home, they chose to make it their own with a new exterior coating. After watching her parents repaint the exterior walls every few years, the couple wanted a longer lasting solution which would be virtually maintenance free. 
Calvin Groves, a Registered Andura Contractor and Managing Director of Advanced Wallcoatings Ltd, met with the couple on 3 separate occasions to introduce them to the features and benefits of using an Andura coating. Mr Groves commented that the property was suffering from extreme penetrating damp and that proper preparation and repair work was crucial to making the project a success. 

During the 7 days that the team were on site, they removed all render that had blown due to penetrating damp and used highly durable Glass Reinforced Cement (GRC) to re-render the entire property before applying the final Andura textured coating in the couple’s choice of colour ‘Waterlily’.
Over 1.2 metric tons of Glass Reinforced Cement (GRC) were used to re-render the property and more than 300 litres of the Andura Trowel & Roll top coat. 
Advanced Wallcoatings Coatings issued a 20-year guarantee for the work they carried out, meaning the couple can relax in the knowledge that their property will look fantastic for decades to come. 
Andura’s specialist Trowel and Roll coating has been protecting properties for over 25 years. Due to the high build nature of the coating, Andura Trowel and Roll is exceptionally durable against even the harshest of climates. For more information, please visit the product page on our website.
Advanced Wall Coatings LTD are part of the Andura registered contractor scheme and so authorised to apply all Andura products. For more information on Advanced Wallcoatings LTD, please visit their website: www.advancedwallcoatings.co.uk or call on 01633 965033.